Start Small with Local SEO

The internet is a BIG place and that’s why it’s so important to start small. If you have a brick and mortar store or business location, local SEO should be your first step.

What is local SEO?

Local search engine optimization is how consumers find your business when they are nearby. For example, I was recently in Toronto and searched for “best donuts near me”. Based on my location, Google provided Dipped in Kensington Market and Glory Hole Doughnuts among a few others as recommendations.

You want your business to be listed here! If people aren’t familiar with your brand name, but are looking for your business category, you want to be an option. Once you are listed, you want to make sure your listing is optimized to stand out from the competition.

Where does your local SEO stand? Contact me regarding a local SEO audit and implementation plan to get your business listed!

For more information on search engine optimization, click here.

Making a (Twitter) List and Checking it Twice

Are you making lists and checking them twice? No, I’m not talking about your naughty and nice lists. I’m talking about Twitter Lists.

Twitter lists are buckets for your followers (or accounts you’d like to follow without actually following). With roughly 288 million monthly active users, it may be hard to connect with the right people through all the “noise”. Lists are a great way to get organized and sort accounts into manageable groups.

Examples of some buckets/lists for your business may be industry leaders, news/blogs, current customers, and even customer prospects. You can set lists to public for other Twitter users to subscribe to or keep them private for your eyes only.

How do I add someone to a Twitter List, you may ask? Here’s how…

  1. Log into your Twitter account and find someone you are interested in engaging with, go to their profile page

  2. Click the gear icon near the follow button and click “Add or remove from lists”

  3. THE END!

The Importance of the Hashtag

If you are a relative newbie to social media you may be asking yourself, what is the story behind the word(s) following the # symbol? If you read # as "pound", this blog was especially written with you in mind.

When I first wrote this post in 2015, it was specifically for Twitter, but since then social media has evolved and you can find hashtags across most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You may even notice hashtags on the corner of your TV while watching your favorite weeknight shows.

# (or Hashtag) is more than just a silly thing all the kids are doing nowadays, it's an important element of your business's social media strategy and here's why!

Hashtags are a great search tool - Did you know clicking on a hyperlinked hashtag is similar to using Google search but within the social media platform you are using? Incorporating appropriate hashtags to your content helps broaden your visibility to people who may not be following you, but are exploring the hashtag. 

Using hashtags is also a great way to promote a trade show or event. Most trade shows have an official hashtag. Be sure to incorporate them to increase visibility and impressions on your posts, you may even gain new followers!

Hashtags can be branding gold (sometimes). When used right, including a hashtag in an advertisement or campaign can be the perfect addition to your creatives. Here’s several examples of what NOT to do.

Looking to perfect your branding hashtag or expand your visibility with hashtags? Let’s get started!

3, 2, 1...ACTION with Facebook Live

Can you believe Facebook Live was launched nearly 4 years ago? I may avoid being recorded like the plague, but for those of you who aren’t camera shy, Facebook Live is an excellent option for your business.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a feature within Facebook that allows users to broadcast a video in real-time utilizing a computer/laptop’s camera or mobile phone. Viewers are able to like and comment in real-time which is my personal favorite feature since it allows instance communication and engagement.

Benefits for Your Business

Are you ready for your close up? If you haven’t added Facebook Live into your social media strategy now is the time.

Say it with (Social Media) Stories

Telling your brand’s story on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook just got easier thanks to social media stories. Are you currently utilizing stories in your social media strategy? Where do you tell your “stories”? The data shared here may blow your mind.

If you are new to stories check out my blog post, The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Stories before you continue. Great, now that we are all caught up…

Stories on Snapchat and Instagram are commonly used, but what about Facebook? Facebook stories are still foreign territory for some as they were the last to adopt the feature, but if you aren’t utilizing them you may be missing out and here’s why.

  • 70% of consumers surveyed by Hubspot said they prefer to watch stories on Facebook. Only 17% said Instagram and another 13% responded with Snapchat

  • Facebook Stories surpassed 500 million daily active users in 2018, just a few months after Instagram reached the same milestone

  • Facebook is still the most used social media channel with 1.59 BILLION daily users vs. Instagram’s 500 million

While this blog post may be leaning towards the wonders of Facebook stories, the glory of social media is that you don’t have to choose just one platform! Since Facebook owns Instagram, the story features can be connected among the two, utilizing the same content. Use both and truly benefit.